Glasses are for Reading

I often forget that glasses are for assisting the eyes and not for making girls look ridiculously hot. I was debating whether I should post this set or not…

Ryu Ji-Hye, whoa!!!!

Ryu Ji-Hye was very sexy in the previous set in red ,and she’s also very sexy in this set, whoa, what a nice pair of legs . Enjoy ^^~

Sweater School Girl Han Ga Eun

Han Ga Eun looks very cute wearing a loose sweater with a school crest, school girl skirt, and over-the-knee socks :) The background is super simple (all white minus her and the chair) so no distractions from HGE. Hopefully there will be more pictures in the future. Enjoy ^^~

Han Ga Eun and Kim Ha Yul

What is better than one girl in bed? How about two . The duo of Han Ga Eun and Kim Ha Yul make a return for the Nikon D3100 launch event. They look super cute in PJs . Enjoy ^^~

Kim Ha Yul – Kimono Robe

Kim Ha Yul looks great with her hair up and wearing a short kimono robe. My only wish was that the lighting used didn’t wash out her face as much as it did.

Jan 16, 2016

Anna few sets

Anna few sets....Enjoy ^^~

1 Anna few sets  - very cute asian

Jan 15, 2016

Jeong Yoon small set

Jeong Yoon small set....Enjoy ^^~

1 Jeong Yoon small set  - very cute asian

Jan 14, 2016

Jung Yun - Leather Dress

Jung Yun - Leather Dress. Enjoy ^^~

1 Jung Yun - Leather Dress - very cute asian

Jan 13, 2016

Rina few sets

Rina few sets......Enjoy ^^~

1 Rina few sets- very cute asian

Jan 12, 2016

Lee Hwa Ri 2015 SMS

Lee Hwa Ri is at 2015 SMS. Enjoy ^^~

1 Lee Hwa Ri 2015 SMS  - very cute asian

Jan 11, 2016

Moon Ga Kyung

Moon Ga Kyung...Enjoy ^^~

1 Moon Ga Kyung - very cute asian

Jan 10, 2016

Sun Young

Sun Young.........

1 Sun Young - very cute asian


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